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TOP 10 Reasons why Keith OUT of Bigg Boss 9

Shocking: Keith OUT of Bigg Boss 9

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This is shocking!

The handsome, calm and composed, Keith Sequeira is out of Bigg Boss.

And no he hasn’t been evicted, but owing to a family crisis, the guy had to leave the house.

As per sources, Keith's brother has passed away. Though he wasn't informed about the loss initially, Bigg 
Boss asked Keith to pack his bag, and head out of the house as there was a family emergency.

After finding out about the grave situation, Keith flew off to Delhi to be with his family.

Sad, isn't it?

Girlfriend Rochelle Maria Rao, though confused, stood in support and helped him gather his belonging and bid him good bye.

Although being worried about his sudden ousting, she controlled her emotions, and asked him to be strong.

There is still no clarity of Keith’s return to the reality series. Since he wasn't evicted, he can make a re-entry, if and when he has overcome the loss.

Bigg Boss had seen a similar situation in season 6 when Karishma Kotak's dad had passed away. The girl had then chosen to be back on the series after a couple of weeks. 

We will keep you updated on the future developments. Stay hooked!