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Hrithik Roshan plays 'Truth and Dare' with Deepshikha and Diandra!

The contestants of Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 to have a gala time with popular Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan

Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan is all set to give a good time to the contestants of Colors' popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 with his charismatic personality who will be present there to promote his movie Bang Bang.  
We heard from our source that, "Hrithik played a truth and dare game with Deepshikha and Diandra in the house and he asked Deepshikha as who is Dheet (stubborn) amongst all the contestants of the house. Deepshikha took the name of Gautam and when he asked Diandra in the game that who she thinks as a dogle (dual) person in the house then she took the name of Praneet."
"Later, Hritik also gave a dare to Deepshika according to which she has to keep a metal rod on her neck and make V," adds our source.
Must be a fun filled episode indeed!
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Hrithik treats the inmates with cupcakes!

Colors’ popular show Bigg Boss 8 will invite the Bang Bang hero Hrithik Roshan coming in tonight’s episode and treat them with cupcakes.
Get ready to watch Bang Bang hero Hrithik Roshan who will be making his appearance on Colors' Bigg Boss 8 .
The Greek God of Tinsel Town, Hrithik Roshan will be entering the living room of the Bigg Boss house to do some Bang Bang and the contestants will be awestruck by his charisma.
Hrithik will not only sing and dance with the contestants, but sway one of the female inmates Minissha Lamba in his arms. Apart from doing the masti, Hrithik will be giving away 'Free Hugs' to all the inmates.
His gesture will bring a smile on the inmates face as Hrithik will get cupcakes for these inmates.
Well the contestants are surely going to have a gala time in the house.
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