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Sukirti Kandpal is the next inmate who will say a final good bye to Colors' Bigg Boss 8 house today.

Sukirti Kandpal gets eliminated from Bigg Boss house!

Colors' Bigg Boss 8 has attained all the required attention just with its beginning. In just two weeks, BB08 inmates showed all possible colors to its viewers.

Well, we saw Sonali Raut getting evicted from house, Gautam Gulati using foul words against Karishma Tanna in the course of a task, Bigg Boss punishing Gautam for the ill- treatment, Sonali re entering the house and of course the next huge fight between Gautam Gulati and Sukirti Kandpal and Arya Babbar and Sonali Raut.  We have seen all the love - hate drama with just the commencement of the show.

It is Saturday and also the eviction day and here is TellyBuzz bringing you the name of the inmate that could not make through the BB08 journey

Sukirti Kandpal has been nominated and will be evicted. Well, we assume that Sukirti was unable to create any sort of rift and spice up the game, hence the exit.

We wish Sukirti all the good luck for her future endeavors.

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In a very casual conversation between Salman Khan and Sukirti Kandpal, she says Karan and Arjun are her favorites.

Sukirti Kandpal's connect with Karan - Arjun!

Colors' Bigg Boss 8 has stolen the eyes of the viewers for several reasons - be it the host Salman Khan or the inmates locked up in the house or the controversies created amidst them or solely to see the beautifully furnished BB08 house.

TellyBuzz had recently reported about the next eviction and the inmate who will bid adieu to the house. Well, yet again TellyBuzz has managed to bring in an exclusive piece of news for you guys.

Our source states, "The viewers will get to see a very casual conversation between the host Salman Khan and Sukirti Kandpal where the host will be seen asking her about her favorite co contestants. Sukirit swiftly reverts to his question saying Karan and Arjun which will leave the host baffled. Well, the whole world knows by now that there can be just one Karan and Arjun pair i.e. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Seeing the baffled Salman, she will elaborate saying my two favorites are Arya Babbar and Upen Patel whom we had given them a nick name of 'Seeta and Geeta', but since they are guys we ended up giving them 'Karan - Arjun'."

Well Sukirti, had you not given an explanation to the Karan - Arjun story, we would also be in a state of confusion just as Salman Khan.

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Praneet to be given access to all the luxuries in Bigg Boss house from today onwards.

Praneet to enjoy all the priviliges from now onwards!

Colors' Bigg Boss 8 has been keeping the audience hooked to the show with the controversies and tiffs which are happening in the house.
Each episode comes with surprises, today is the weekend ka vaar so the contestants as well as audience will be waiting to watch today's episode.
Since day 1 Praneet Bhatt has been facing problems in Bigg Boss house, earlier he was not given his luggage and was also denied to enjoy the luxuries in the house.
Our source says, "We have seen that Praneet Bhatt and Gautam Gulati were treated like slaves in the house and were not permitted for certain things. Guatam deserved this punishment because of his wrong behavior with Karishma Tanna but Praneet was suffering all this with no reason, but now he will be given all privileges which he deserves to get. "
Today Bigg Boss will give a fair decision for Praneet Bhatt.
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