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TOP 10 Reasons why Praneet 'Shakuni' Bhat out of Bigg Boss 8

Praneet 'Shakuni' Bhat out of Bigg Boss 8
After weeks of wait, finally Praneet Bhat was declared the captain of the house and earned immunity for next week. But alas, all efforts will go in vain.  

Yes, the Shakuni of TV (Mahabharat) is the latest housemate to get evicted from Bigg Boss 8 (Endemol).

Praneet, who rose to fame with his stint as Shakuni of Mahabharat, was roped in to create some ‘saazish’ like his on screen avatar, but his lazy and laid back attitude made him win the title of the ‘kaamchor’ in the house.

Also the guy was a scapegoat with every contestant choosing him for ‘dand’ infuriating him further. And of course his hygiene issues made housemates raise more eyebrows. However Praneet found a strong foothold being in the P3G gang (Puneet Issar, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam Gulati).

But all will be history now as the guy will soon come back home to his family after staying in the house for 14 weeks.

With Praneet out, let’s see how the P3G gang would function now.

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