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Pritam comments over Diandra's outfit Bikini which makes Diandra offended.

Diandra gets offended over Pritam's comment!

Pritam comments over Diandra's outfit Bikini which makes Diandra offended.

As the contestants of the house are currently in a mood for the conflict and take revenge from each other during the given task in Colors' popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 the inmates are indulging into much heated arguments with each other.
We heard from our source that, "Now, Diandra will get offended over RJ Pritam's comment. During the Hijack task, Diandra wore a Bikini top to which Pritam commented that, "Aap kuch bhi pehno apko sab dekhenge." He also told her that, "The footage of your task won't be shown on National Television as you wore such revealing clothes which won't be aired on TV."
Our source further added, "Diandra will get offended over the comment of RJ Pritam. She will say to Upen who was sitting next to her that, "Upen, I think we have forgotten that which century are we living in!"
How far the spat of Diandra and Pritam will go?

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