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Praneet to be given access to all the luxuries in Bigg Boss house from today onwards.

Praneet to enjoy all the priviliges from now onwards!

Colors' Bigg Boss 8 has been keeping the audience hooked to the show with the controversies and tiffs which are happening in the house.
Each episode comes with surprises, today is the weekend ka vaar so the contestants as well as audience will be waiting to watch today's episode.
Since day 1 Praneet Bhatt has been facing problems in Bigg Boss house, earlier he was not given his luggage and was also denied to enjoy the luxuries in the house.
Our source says, "We have seen that Praneet Bhatt and Gautam Gulati were treated like slaves in the house and were not permitted for certain things. Guatam deserved this punishment because of his wrong behavior with Karishma Tanna but Praneet was suffering all this with no reason, but now he will be given all privileges which he deserves to get. "
Today Bigg Boss will give a fair decision for Praneet Bhatt.
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