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Deepshika Nagpal to continue her captainship in Bigg Boss.

Deepshika to continue ruling in Bigg Boss house!
Deepshika Nagpal to continue her captainship in Bigg Boss.

Deepshikha's team has been declared the winner in Bigg Boss 8 on Colors. As the Hijack task created a rage among the viewers with the constant tiffs happening in the house.

While Bigg Boss has given the permission to the winning mates to reside in the lavish house, Deepshikha will take the charge and yet rule in the house too. Her behavior will not go well in with the other inmates.
Karishma Tanna will confront Deepshika and tell her that she was the captain of only one task which they have won and now she is not the captain anymore to rule things in the house.
Later Deepshikha will be given the power by the inmates to assign the duties of the house as there is no captain for the time being in the house.
Well, it will be interesting to see how the contestants will handle their duties in Bigg Boss house!
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