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You are so cute! says Upen

You are so cute! says Upen
Woah! Yesterday we told you how Upen was seen bonding with Sukirti and they might be heading somewhere, looks like there is a shift of interest.

Day 3 of Bigg Boss saw sparks flying between Upen and his neighbour Natasa, yeah their recliner is just next to each other, didn’t you guys notice that?!

In a lovey-dovey chit-chat session with Natasa, where they were discussing how sweet Natasa’s smile is and how obsessed she is with the color pink, Upen is floored by her giggle and says, “Oh my god, you are so

Adding further to the conversation, Upen nic named her Pink Panther, seeing her love for the color pink.
OMG they look so adorable together!
Well, Over n out!

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