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Love between Karishma Tanna & Model Diandra

Diandra reveals to Karishma as why she isn't getting work!
Model Diandra shares her career with inmate Karishma Tanna, who revealed that she is fan of Diandra…

It's been a very few days that Colors' popular reality game show Bigg Boss 8 has taken off with its 15 contestants. Though the inmates are unknown to each other as of now but with the passage of time, the inmates have started mingling with each other and trying to know more about them.

We heard that, "Model Diandra Soares and actress Karishma Tanna were conversing with each other in the house where Karishma admitted herself being a fan of Diandra. Diandra was discussing about her career with Karishma in the house where she told her that she can't find modeling assignments or jobs because people feel that she isn't size zero anymore but she is a size 'Hero'."

Karishma then admitted herself to be a fan of Diandra along with other showstoppers like Jessy Randhawa and Candice Pinto and she told Diandra that she can't believe people would say that to a model of Diandra's repute."  

With this conversation of Karishma and Diandra, can we see a start of a great bonding between the two? Only time will tell!

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