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slow and steady wins the race is FAILED - Apurva

If you casually glance at his performance in Big Boss House, it would appear very creditable that he has not had any argument / verbal fight with any one!

Great! Clap

Does it mean he is blessed with great Man Management skills and deserves credit? Shocked

 I would have said yes, had I observed him taking decisive stands, effectively intervening in conflicts of others and stood out as a sane, mature, calm young man!Smile

Fact is Apurva is one who runs away from situations and attempts to stay on good books of others by consciously trying to avoid gaze of all in his direction!...Like the naalayak student in a class who tries lowering his neck in the hope that period time would pass without teacher noticing his presence in class! Thumbs Down

One can not think of any instance where Apurva played any memorable / decisive / praiseworthy role.

Forget situations like when Arman-Kamya were battling each other, Kushal-Tanisha were at each other's throats, Kushal-Arman shaking the house with their decibel levels. Apurva is such a shirker, he doesn't even intervene in battle of little minnows like Pratyusha vs Andy, forget about Pratyusha taking on Armaan!Shocked Ofcourse its ridiculous to even imagine him trying to take a bold n mature position and try to intervene in an Armaan-Ajaz situation of a raging Bull vs Mad Ox scene. LOL

Much maligned Gauhar is the one who steps in, not caring one hoot about how boorish and loud Armaan-Ajaz are and makes it known to Ajaz and all, where he got it all wrong!Clap

Why the hell should Apurva be the one who should go on earning his weekly remuneration when he neither is entertaining (and  I am not saying that to mean he doesn't fight). Sangram too doesn't take stands, but even if you look at his double dholki acts and unwittingly ending up funny, the guy is surely footage worthy!Ermm

Some reports say Apurva would be evicted tonight.Smile

All I can say is he should have gone much ahead of Ratan and most certainly much before his most deserving wife Shilpa. She is the one who should have been still there in show.

Apurva, like Sayantani last year, adopted the strategy of taking no stands whatsoever and in the end, has been caught wanting...completely unworthy of any prime time footage. And if you can't grab for yourself atleast 5 minutes of episode time in evening episode, where you leave some solid impression, you are no good! ...Just like Apurva! Dead

Apurva should have been evicted a few weeks ago atleast.Thumbs Up