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OMG - Kushal Slapped Andy and dismissed from Bigg Boss (Biggest FIGHT of BIGG BOSS)

DATE 29th November 2013 (29/10/2013)

Kushal dismissed from Bigg Boss, Gauhar opts to join him!

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan have chosen to leave the house because of the Luxury Budget task ‘Dekha Undekha’. Apparently the reason cited for leaving the house is VJ Andy’s behavior with Gauhar and a fight with Kushal.

Kushal's journey on Bigg Boss has seen many highs and lows in the past few weeks. While he found a great friend and companion in Gauhar, he also irked many other housemates. In fact, last week, after Kushal accused fellow contestant Tanisha Mukherjee of pushing him and breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house, he willingly decided to leave the house because no action was taken against her aggression.

While Kushal managed to climb the wall of the house and cross over to the outside world, he soon came back inside the house. While host Salman Khan tried his best to show Kushal his follies and calm his temper, Kushal indulged in a similar act last night wherein he got aggressive with Andy, after he made personal comments about Gauhar during the task.
According to the luxury budget task for the week, Ignore The Obvious', housemates were asked to ignore Andy while he indulged in various antics to grab their attention such as interference while talking, teasing, irritating, etc. During this task, Andy misbehaved with Gauhar by flaunting and passing crude remarks on her lingerie. As a result, Gauhar got very upset with Andy and after the end of the task, conveyed to Andy that his means and methods were quite cheap and unacceptable. She also said that she considered Andy to be one of her best friends and had never expected this kind of behavior from him and would prefer to keep a distance from him going forward. Kushal was a part of this outburst by Gauhar and was enraged by Andy's unapologetic demeanor. Unable to control his anger at Andy's behavior, Kushal ran towards Andy and tried to hit him. While the other housemates tried to stop Kushal from causing VJ Andy any physical harm, Kushal continued to abuse Andy endlessly.
When the situation got out of hand, Bigg Boss asked all contestants to assemble in the living room and made the announcement that owing to Kushal's violent behavior with Andy, he would have to immediately pack his bags and leave the Bigg Boss house. Standing up for her friend, Gauhar also decided to pack her bags and leave the house even though all the other contestants tried their best to convince her to stay. Finally, after fighting for a couple of hours, Kushal and Gauhar left the house together - marking their collective exit from the Bigg Boss house and the show.
But will this really be the end of the road for Kushal and Gauhar, or will the duo calm down and come back to continue their stint inside the Bigg Boss house?
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DATE 30th November 2013 (30/10/2013) Click Here

Gauhar faints while leaving the house, and Kushal picks her up to take her out.

                                                                   Kushal Tandon’s stay in the Bigg Boss house seen a lot of ups and downs.
While on one hand, he’s found himself a close and loyal friend in Gauhar Khan, on the other hand, he’s had a bitter fight with Tanisha, which got him so upset that he even climbed over the walls of the house in an attempt to exit the game.
On October 28, Kushal lost his cool once again, this time with Andy after the latter passed some personal comments about Gauhar.
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Image: Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan
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                 According to the task for the week, ‘Ignore The Obvious’, housemates were asked to ignore Andy while he indulged in various antics such as interference while talking, teasing, irritating, etc, to grab their attention.
Image: Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon in Bigg Boss
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                 But Andy stepped over the line with Gauhar when he passed crude comments about her lingerie. That obviously didn’t go too well with her and she complained to Kushal.
Image: The housemates in Bigg Boss
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                 Kushal got so upset that he tried to hit Andy at one point. The other housemates tried to pull them apart but Kushal wouldn’t stop his verbal attack.
Image: Kushal hits Andy
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                 After some time, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to assemble in the living room and asked Kushal to pack his bags and leave the house immediately.
Image: Gauhar Khan in Bigg Boss
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                 Always loyal, Gauhar packed her bags as well, and left the house with Kushal.
Image: Kushal carries Gauhar out
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