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She might have to pay a penalty of Rs 50 lakhs

Post eviction, Kushal Tandon talks to Tellychakkar on Salman, Gauahar, his fights and his possible comeback

The drama that ensued when Kushal Tandon walked out of Bigg Boss (Colors) with alleged lady-love Gauahar Khan following suit, seems to have culminated in Gauahar’s return to Bigg Boss house and Kushal’s departure from the tamasha, at least for now.

Speaking after leaving Bigg Boss house Kushal shared with Tellychakkar.com, “I don’t regret my behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house. I never abused anyone. I never gave gaalis, never used unparliamentary language. Unlike Armaan Kohli who has given gaalis to every girl in the house and then apologized to them I never did anything I’d regret later.”
So what was that big drama that saw both Kushal and Gauahar leave Bigg Boss? Kushal shrugs, “I didn’t plan anything. But I’ve been brought up in a particular way where I automatically respect women and I expect others to do the same. I saw a lot of disrespect for women inside Bigg Boss house. Armaan Kohli ladkiyon ko gaali deta hai. He hasn’t spared anyone. My breaking point came when during a task Andy was given the freedom to say anything to anyone. Andy abused that freedom. He was flashing lingerie into a lady’s face and commenting on the panty fabric and bra size, etc. No self respecting man would stand around watching a woman’s intimate wear being flashed around so cheaply. Yeah, I retaliated. I am glad I did. Main wahan andar mein sab ke liye khada hua. I am an emotional person. I react from my heart. If I see wrong being done I will always speak up.”

So if Kushal stood up for a woman’s dignity why is Salman Khan so upset with him? Kushal dismisses the observation saying, “I don’t know why this perception has been created. Salman is not upset with me. I respect him and I am a fan of him. My proudest moment was when he told me that I am definitely going to be a star. I can’t tell you how proud and happy I felt. Salman had a lot of wonderful things to say about me which was never shown. Like him I am a brat. I went into Bigg Boss to do some masti, to play pranks, flirt and be a brat. When Priyanka Chopra visited Bigg Boss she called me the most popular brat. I never meant any harm to anyone. I’ve come away feeling positive vibes for everyone except a few like Tanisha. It’s not that I hate her. It’s just that you can’t get along with everyone in life.”

That brings us to the big sawaal of the season. Are Kushal and Gauahar Khan a real-life pair?

Kushal gives a rather surprising reply. “Of course I am very fond of her. And very close to her. But how can a permanent relationship be formed on a reality show? We’ve to wait for the show to be over and then see where our friendship goes. Lekin haan. Jo Gauhar ne kiya, woh koi nahin kar sakta. She walked out with me from Bigg Boss not to give me company but because she saw that I had taken an ideological stand and she too felt I was right. She walked out knowing she might have to pay a penalty of Rs 50 lakhs for breaking Bigg Boss rules. But she didn’t care. At that moment she only saw what was right. I admire her for this.”

Kushal doesn’t see the possibility of returning to Bigg Boss in the near future. “If by popular vote I am called back only then I’ll go back, not otherwise. I think I’ve come away with my reputation clean. The entire nation saw I did nothing wrong. And yes, my mother had made me promise not to fight for food. You never saw me whining for khaana.”
Kushal…we wish you all the best!!!

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