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Photos - Sofia Hayat WILD Card Entry Bigg Boss 7

As the drama inside the Bigg Boss house reaches new levels, the week ahead will see several wild card entries in the show. Among them are Kushal Tandon's former girlfriend Candy Brar, actor Ajaz Khan and starlet Sofia Hayat. Hayat, who entered the house today, claims she doesn't know what to expect inside the house.

Image: Sofia Hayat

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“I caught just one episode of the show. It is quite scary. Elli looks like a sweet girl, Arman looks like a bully. I don’t know any of the housemates,” said Sofia in an interview.

Here, she engages with Andy, who was asked to leave the house and live in the caravan.

Image: Sofia with Andy

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So what is Sofia going to be like in the house?

Here's a hint from her earlier interview:
"When I am at tome, I have a habit of shedding my clothes when it becomes too hot. I hope to remember that I am under the surveillance of cameras and keep my clothes on (smiles). In fact, I am going to write it on my wrist!"

Image: Sofia with Andy

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Andy, who has fallen out of favour from many of the housemates, may finally find a friend in Sofia.
Image: Sofia
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Watch the wild card entries add spice to the drama in the Bigg Boss this week, only on Colors.

Image: Sofia and Andy

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