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Oscar Award for Best Story (Must Read)

Hmmm!!! So what should we say after yesterday’s show… It was like a full throttle movie, there was :
Action: A Lot of Action in fact, After Bigg Boss announced that Kushal has to leave the show… everyone came into action.

kushal out
Kushal vs Armaan ???  We thought the fight was between Kushal and Andy…. Well it was, but when Kushal threatened Andy, Armaan the superman came for the rescue.

Emotions: Well we had it all!!! From Tears to Anger
                Gauhar: She was initially Angry on Bigg Boss for an unfair decision, later miffed by Kamya for changing her decision, Again Angry on Bigg Boss for being not changing his decision after her all the tantrums and then again in tears all the way out of Bigg Boss.
                Kamya: Anger on Bigg Boss, Confusion on her decision, jeopardy of taking a right path and then sadness of losing two strong contenders.

The Tail Effect: Well usually in a high budget movie… the heroine has a tail, who follows her around and repeat each word… Well in our movie it is none other than Pratyushsa… Girl, all the way you believed that Kushal stood for you and you chucked out just because Kamya and Bigg Boss Said so. All the while Kushal’s anger was justify, suddenly it wasn’t??? quite a “baigan mind you have”.


BodyGuard: While Armaan was all set to protect Andy in case Kushal dare to anything…. Bigg Boss sent his Bodyguards to escort Kushal out of Bigg Boss House without much hassle.

Drama!! Drama!! Drama!!: From Armaan’s over reaction on Kushal’s threat by preparing himself with a rod for a fight to Kushal’s over the top threat by holding a fire extinguisher in his hand. To Kamya crying over her love for taking right decision to Gauhar fainting due to excessive crying… was any moment of Bigg Boss yesterday deprived of Drama??

Romance: Well romance in all this mishap??? What can we say… Kushal exited the house holding a crying Gauhar… All I can say is I remembered ’Veer Zara’s’ song ‘Tere liye……’

Fight and Confrontation: A picture can definitely be not completed without it… After the exit of Kushal and Gauhar from the house Pratyusha, Kamya and Apurva openly disgraced Andy’s behavior…… and this time Armaan joined them (Thankfully in front of Andy…. A little less of Back Bitching.)

The Sorry Saga: Either the villain has to die or He/she has a conversion of heart and becomes nice… Well Andy realized his mistake at the end of this all and beg for pardon from Pratyusha and Kamya…. He also told sorry to Gauhar via a Camera.

The Extra’s: Like the extras in a film… Candy and Ajaz entered the house.

Happy Ending: Like the end credits in a movie… a dancing crew entered into the Bigg Boss House and took Andy away…


The Announcement of the Sequel: 

The Bigg Boss MAHABHARAT is not yet over…The sequel has something really special for you
  • Ellie is sobbing over Andy and scared from Ajaz
  • Andy is not out, he is caravan and has met a new friend Sofia Hayat
  • Gauhar is returning to the house with a promise from Bigg Boss that Kushal will join soon
  • Salman Khan has given Bigg Boss a notice that its either Kushal or Him….
(The last pointer is based on gossips surrounding the news…… there has been no confirmation on it)

OH OH OH My GOD… So did you love the Movie or what, Well we iCouchers enjoyed it to the fullest.

The sequel of Mahabharata is a must watch, Don’t miss it tonight. To add more Masala to this Masaledaar shows do join us on iCouchApp; coz this is not the end…… Bigg Boss has a habit of breaking TRP Records and we are sure this fight sequence has bought lots and lots of happiness for the makers of the show and the channel. Finally the show is getting its grip on you guys, why would it dare to lose it… So expect something like this every day from now onward.

We will keep you posted about the sequels of the film. For now waiting for Bigg Boss MAHABHARATA season 7 part 3 tonight… Till then Keep Watching, Keep Enjoying, Keep Reading.

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