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Bigg Boss 7 Going to STOP? Received Notice from Information and Broadcasting Ministry

Notice for Bigg Boss from Information and Broadcasting Ministry!
Notice for Bigg Boss from Information and Broadcasting Ministry!
The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued a notice to the channel Colors against Bigg Boss season 7, as they feel the show’s content is not suitable for unrestricted public viewing.

Confirming the news, the channel have issued a statement, “Today, we have received a show cause notice on Bigg Boss from the ministry of information & broadcasting (I&B), and we shall submit our response to the same within time limit prescribed by the ministry.”

But Colors also claims that they follow a strict Standard & Practices (S&P) team that does self-regulations, which works closely with the programming team on all aspects to ensure a safe family viewing experience.

Their statement further added, “As a responsible broadcaster, we are mindful of our audiences’ sentiments and respect the guidelines set by the I & B Ministry and BCCC (Broadcasting Content Complaints Council). Last year, the format of Bigg Boss was changed to make it more parivarik (suitable for family viewing) such that it is completely suitable for viewing across ages 7 years to 70 years. The casting of the show has also been done accordingly this year as well. And our efforts of making Bigg Boss, parivarik have been applauded by all stakeholders in the broadcast industry.”

Now there are high chances that the show be shifted to a late night slot to save itself from such notices in future.  What audience can expect from the host Salman Khan, who had himself tried to change the format of the show from last season, and it indeed has worked in their favour now? Will he reprimand the housemate next week to keep their cool and stay in ethics that is a suitable for the show? Let’s see!

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