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12th October 2013 - Elimination (Next Elimination Spolier Alert on 19th October 2013)

Big Boss 7 team along with Salman Khan and the inmates shot for the elimination sequence which will go on air today on Colors TV at 9pm today.Ratan Rajput got eliminated from the show due to low votes and less footage during this week.

As usual Salman Khan with his best sense of humor asked inmates questions which made them laugh and made them sad at the same time.Stay tuned for the upcoming week were a dog will break the partition of the house and bring the inmates together under 1 roof.

Bigg Boss 7 : Ratan Rajput eliminated from the Big Boss house

Age : She doesn't want to disclose that
Star Sign : Taurus
Nationality : Indian
Occupation : Television Actress 

How do we know her : Best known for her lead role in the Indian soap 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' as Laali and a reality television show 'Swayamvar Season 3' (Ratan Ka Rishta). 

A girl from small town with very big dreams.

"I am happy that I am out of the house" : Ratan Rajput

Ratan Rajput shares about her journey in the Big Boss House after she got evicted from the show this week.Telly town's popular actress Ratan Rajput, who made her entry into the Big Boss house, got eliminated from the Bigg Boss Saath 7 house this week. TellyBuzz spoke to Ratan to know more about her journey as a Big Boss house contestant.

Talking about her journey with the show, Ratan told us, "The game is difficult and it's not made for people like me because I could not play with the emotions of people or get involved in any of the politics. People inside the house; make fun of each other rather than cracking jokes which I didn't like so I was used to keep myself aloof from all these things.

It's a game so people are playing game inside the house - some are playing a fair game while some are playing games by putting a gun on others shoulder. I used to be quiet but that doesn't mean that I did not understand the situations. All the inmates were good to me and behaved well but those who were not good to me couldn't dare to come and say anything bad about me. I used to ignore all of them who were talking behind my back as they used to say anything related to me. I didn't want to be fake; I just wanted to be myself whoever I am. Controversies are needed to stay in the house which was difficult for me so I am happy that I have got eliminated as I deserved it."

When asked Ratan about her motive of entering Big Boss house and she adverts, "There were 2-3 reasons for me to enter the house. The first one being the money and whoever says that I just went to gain experience is lying. As an actor, it's my bread butter. I just entered the house for doing a show rather than doing anything to win the show. I thought that we just have to do our tasks well and I was doing that but later I realized that doing tasks is not valued there and entertainment is valued a lot. I couldn't fight nor romance with any of the inmates for no reason. So, I just remained myself and that's the reason why I am out today."

Ratan also shared about her views on some of the inmates in the house. Talking on the same, she said, "Andy is a very funny guy and playing the game well. Andy does everything openly and he says that I am here to win and if I won't support myself then why will others do?' he also bitches about the people and even tells us that he had said this thing to this person and then laughs off. He fights and then says sorry too because he knows that he has to stay with the spend days with the same people for the remaining days. So, he is going well in the show. Andy is like that only in real life. Sometimes, Tanisha seems to be good but sometimes she behaves opposite so I find her fake and clever sometimes. I like Kamyaji as she plays the game without taking anyone's support and she will continue to be the same as she says. She changes her behavior according to the situation. If I wish anyone to go far in the show then I wish that person to be Kamya Punjabi. I don't have any problems with her personally."

Talking about her favorite contestant on the show, Ratan told us, "Elli Avram is my favorite contestant on the show because she is very sweet and intelligent. I felt that both of us are alike because if we were saying that we are not playing any game then we genuinely weren't. We were not lying. I knew that Kamyaji was against me but still I voted for Sangram Singh because I had told Sangram that I will vote you so I voted for him without caring much about the game and I am happy about whatever I did in the house."

When asked Ratan about the contestant she didn't like, she added, "I can't say anything on this because I didn't had a tiff or a problem with anyone in the house."

We all have seen that Ratan once dunked herself in a tub full of cow dung. Talking on the same and about the other tasks given inside the house, she further added, "Though the tasks were difficult to do but we used to be relaxed and chilled out while performing the tasks. It was an opportunity for us to prove ourselves with our work rather than speaking. I proved myself by performing the tasks and I am satisfied doing my tasks well whether people liked it or not or laugh at me. Laughing on someone is easy and if one has to laugh so much then the person himself/herself should do the tasks. The cow dung task was very difficult for me to perform and the dung had worms in it. I had to prove myself because I was tagged as a weaker contestant at that time. So, it was an opportunity for me to perform the task and prove myself in front of all the housemates. I proved myself by performing that task rather than just speaking. Josh josh mein uss time aisa kar gayi lekin dobara nahi karungi (laughs)."

Generally, the eliminated contestants wish to enter the Big Boss house again through a wild card entry but this is not the same with Ratan as she said, "I don't want to enter the Bigg Boss house again rather, I would like to meet all my inmates on the finale."    

TellyBuzz wishes Ratan all the best for her future endeavors!

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