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TOP 10 Psycho's of Bigg Boss house Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Psycho alert in Bigg Boss house as Imam Siddiqui walks out of the house after stripping in front of all cameras!

All the seasons of Bigg Boss have seen some real unusual contestants and i think i can take the liberty of calling few as mentally unstable or suffering from attention seeking syndrome as well. We do have a lot of examples for you…starting from Rakhi Sawant, the ultimate mouth siren Dolly Bindra, the ‘infamous’ KRK, Pooja Misrra and many others. And they all have one more thing in common that they all were thrown out of the house for their behaviour.

To add to this list with more degree and height of madness is Imam Siddiqui. He entered Bigg Boss Season 6 on last Saturday in the new house of Big Boss known as ‘Padosi ka ghar‘. He certainly drew a lot of eyeballs with his hideous wardrobe – apparently he is a casting director and an image consultant but we can hardly see that from his clothes or what he did inside Bigg Boss house in just 2 days.

Yes my dear viewers, Imam Siddiqui has been thrown out or to put it through Imam’s words he has voluntarily walked out of Bigg Boss house. He was way too much excited to be inside Bigg Boss house and wanted to play games as he kept mentioning that repetitively. He had an argument with fellow house inmate Aashka over which he got so upset that he demanded an apology from her. Initially Aashka denied but later on she apologized but Imam was already out of his mind and self control by that time.

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After this he did something that no other contestant did in any of the previous seasons. He locked Aashka and Nirahua inside the house and kept his suitcases and stuff outside in the verandah (the open area outside the house). He started breaking things and started banging utensils. Finally he was asked by Bigg Boss to come to confession room where he told that he wants to go out ASAP. He asked Bigg Boss to contact her friend immediately to be taken from here. When the show’s team came with security professionals he threatened them that if he is not taken out right away he will go nude. Okay…!! We get it Imam that you wanted to enjoy your stay at Big Boss house and wanted to play the games as well but nowhere had you mentioned that your madness could take such form. He totally behaved like a psycho and gave a hard time to the fellow contestants and the show makers as well. Everyone had a sigh of relief when he left at around 3 am in morning.

Anyway Imam is out and Aashka and Nirahua are in the house peacefully. Bigg Boss Season 6 got all the attention it needed through one out of control contestant.


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