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HOT Photos: Contestants in Swimming Pool in Bigg Boss 6

HOT Photos: Urvashi in Swimming Pool in Bigg Boss 6

After a lot of 'hungama', fifteen contestants of Bigg Boss 6 are finally in the house. How this season's show will unfold is yet to be seen. While host Salman Khan claims that this season is meant for family and has promised more fun than back biting and catfights, it is quite possible that Bigg Boss 6 too like its other seasons will turn out to be a very controversial one.As of now, the fifteen contestants in the Bigg Boss 6 house are making themselves comfortable in the house and having a blast. There are tasks to be completed each day and at the same time there is a lot of fun and frolic too. As each of the contestants come from various walks of life, they are all very different in nature trying to get along and enjoy each other's company.

Check out a few sizzling pictures of Bigg Boss 6 contestants who seem to be enjoying themselves at the swimming pool.

Urvashi Dholakia


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