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Bigg Boss ne bana di Jodi

Bigg Boss ne bana di Jodi

Bigg Boss shows its unpredictable side to the housemates

It is said that light shows the day, and going by what we saw, it was quite a bright day for most of the housemates in their new habitat. But just when you decide not to carry the umbrella, it rains and the same happened with the housemates.

While there was a lot of bonding happening in the house, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to divide themselves in pairs by choosing a partner. What seemed like a two minute thing for the housemates actually landed them into the trouble when Bigg Boss announced that there will be nominations on the first day itself. Niketan, who did not choose any partner and was made the captain of the week,by default was saved from the the nomination process.

The real twist in the tale began when the housemates were asked to nominate in pairs. The decision was difficult because while people wanted to nominate one person form the pair, the other one became a scapegoat. What's more in store for the housemates in this season... Well, let's wait and watch! Meanwhile, Click here to see the nominations...

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